Vijay Nath
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Here is an in-depth look at my skills

Operating Systems : MS-DOS, Apple/MAC OS X (Tiger), DEC VMS, Windows 3.1-XP, Windows NT /2000, Windows Vista,Windows 7, FreeBSD, Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat Linux.
Applications : LAMPP stack, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape Fast Track Servers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator/Mozilla, Webtrends WebAnalyzer, MS Visual SourceSafe, MS FrontPage, Symantec Visual Java Cafe, Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, MS Visual J++, Cold Fusion 1.0-3.0, Lotus Notes, NTMAIL, EMWAC POP/SMTP, MS Office, MS Access, MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS Works, MS Money, Quicken, QuickBooks Pro, SQA Suite for QA/Analysis, Corel Draw, Ventura Publisher, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Fractal Design Dabbler, Quark, Adobe PageMaker, Norton Utilities, PCAnywhere, KEAterm 3270/VT100, AutoCAD 8-11, Parametric Pro-Engineer and more.
Networking : NETBEUI, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, RADIUS, LDAP, RAS - NT Remote Access (dialup), Wireless Networks, 10/100-Base-T, 10-Base-2, Gigabit Ethernet, DHCP, DNS, Domain planning/administration and more.
  • Business Development - Market analysis and development, Sales force recruiting, advertising and promotion, collateral development, training, sales and marketing automation, etc.
  • Telemarketing - cold calling, script development, training, surveys, inbound and outbound sales, helpdesk management, lead generation, quality control projects and more.
  • Product Development - life cycle analysis, QA, budgeting, media rollouts, product rollouts, product recalls, ISO implementation, trade show planning and participation, print collateral design and publication, product branding, copyrights, trademarks and servicemarks registration and more.
  • Channel Marketing - Partner program creation, management and improvement, partner need analysis, volume and technical support level determination and resource allocation, tradeshow planning and participation, joint marketing programs in media, shows and internet, print collateral design and publication, channel recruiting, joint pitching to clients with channel partners, creation and implementation of contracts and more.
  • Intranets - Requirement analysis, cross platform development, QA, user testing/training, secure information, online commerce, rollouts across 69 countries, multi-lingual development, Java/ActiveX component development, Tunnel deployment for partners and work-at-home employees and more.
  • Internet - RFPs, ROI Analysis, online commerce, advertising sales, new content rollouts, HTML-free publishing systems, Lotus Inter-notes integration, online-commerce, forums and chats (HTML and Java-based), Cold-Fusion and MS ASP based database sites, Custom CGI Scripting, Graphic design and campaign development, media campaign design and rollouts, on-line promotional campaign design and rollouts, project management, corporate branding, copyrights, trademarks and servicemarks registration and more.

  • Languages: English, French, Sign Language and 3 Indian Languages. Currently developing Spanish and Korean communication skills.

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